Date: 14th October 2016
Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitors SMD CA45
Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitors SMD CA45Capacitance range: 0.1uF-1000uFRated voltage: 4~50VCapacitance tolerance: ?20%; ?10%Operating temperature range: -55a~+125aDC leakage at 20a: I0<0.01CRUR or 0.5uA(Whichever is greater)NEW TANTALUM CAPACITORSTo solve the problem of reducing the rated voltage, jinpei company has developed a new series of SMD solid tantalum capacitors with higher rated voltage rated voltage up 75WVDC.50V, can reach the rated voltage is reduced to 50% of the industry-recognized safety indicators. Dielectric forming thinner, more consistent, SMD solid tantalum capacitors rated voltage can reach 75V, in order to achieve a technological breakthrough for the advancement of rated voltage. Multi-channel step in the forming process has been improved: reduce the mechanical stress concentration generated in the forming process, reducing the local overheating of the electrolyte in the capacitor-forming process, to improve the consistency of the electrolyte concentration and purity of the dielectric forming process?Polymer chip tantalum capacitor characteristics advantage is introduced?Conductive polymer materials as a solid electrolyte?Under the condition of the working temperature and frequency variation, in the?high temperature and low temperature, the ESR and capacity is stable, the workingenvironment of 85 ?, the service life of up to 50000 hours?Does the rated voltage range, without step-down use?Allows more effectively reduce the ripple current ripple noise, noise peak?Safety is high, the circuit failure not burning explosion?The above advantages are traditional chip tantalum capacitor,Welcome customersusing JINPEI company?s polymer chip tantalum capacitorSurface Mount Tantalum Capacitors SMD CA45.pdf